• All of our boots are made from high-quality leather, leather is a natural material that benefits from being warmed.
  • We recommend when you are being fitted for a new boot to warm the boot with your hands before engaging the zip.
  • If the boot zips closed without much resistance we suggest you try the next smallest size. There should be resistance when you are zipping your boots, the stretch panel needs to be engaged to ensure the boots fit your leg like a second skin.
  • Sometimes you may need to walk around with the boots closed halfway to warm the leather.

We have designed our boots to be the closest fit to your legs, by offering width increments of inch/1.27cm, our goal is to create a fit that is precise and as close as made-to-measure.

You must be fitted by someone who is experienced as there are many elements to consider when determining your perfect fit.

We recommend you visit one of our valued retail partners.

We trust them with your trust in us.